Thursday, October 22, 2009

Web 2.0 in the library

A little bit about my expectations for how I would like to apply Web 2.0 in the library. It gets a little tricky at Kaiser because so much of what we, the librarians, do is decided as a group. So for example, we already have a blog, delicious bookmarks and LibGuides. So, I won't have to invent anything from scratch. That said, I also am not sure what the guidelines are if I ever wanted to create a blog for my library's location. I am interested in learning more about creating online video tutorials like screencasting and podcasting which can then be advertised on our KP Libraries blog and/or LibGuides. I'd also like to see how I could incorporate wikis into my work. And perhaps as I get to know my patrons and their needs more, I could introduce some of these technologies to them to use in their work. And last but not least, the biggest mystery to me are RSS feeds. Conceptually, I know what they do, but I have yet to grasp the logistics of them, the nuts and bolts of setting them up. As we go through each week, I'll use this space to elaborate more on my ideas, hopes and dreams of Web 2.0 in the library.


Thomas said...

Love your Blog Site and your Blog name: Wandering Librarian!

Suggestion: I can not read the pink lettering very well, you might want to change font color from pink.

la susana said...

hi Thomas, thanks for stopping by! Yes, the title seems to be an apt description so far- I started in SF, then moved to Oakland, and now here I am in Sacramento/Roseville. I wonder where I'll go to next?

Will have to look into the color scheme. From my computer it looks okay, but I chose it quickly and wasn't 100% satisfied either. Will play around with that this weekend!