Monday, October 19, 2009

No more procrasinating!

For a good while now, I've been very interested in using Web 2.0 applications in my job. But for some reason, I've let this always go to the bottom of the priorities list. And with the last 6 months acclimatizing to my new city, new job and new duties, it's no wonder priorities have shifted a bit. It's not for a lack of understanding of or interest in Web 2.0 either. I am on facebook way too often, I bookmark in delicious, used to use myspace until it became passe, got rid of my friendster account years ago, save my pictures in flickr, and have had this languishing blogger account for over a few years and haven't once posted...Until now!

I jumped at the chance to take the 13 Things Learning 2.0 online class. Well, not exactly jumped, but I strongly contemplated it and waited till almost the last minute to register and was put on a waiting list (procrastinate really should be my middle name!). So when a space opened up, I thought: this is meant to be! So here I go-- web 2.0 is climbing steadily to the top of my priorities list.

For the next few months, I'll be documenting what I learn in this space.


kristin yiotis said...

Hi Suzanne,
Love this blog and want to know more about your wanderings.
Doing all this fun Web 2.0 stuff for work is totally cool!!
Eventually I'll settle down and try to do some deeper thinking but right now it's just excitement.
I sent you a private message hoping you'll become my class buddy.
I too graduated from SLIS, May 07, and have my e-port on my website,, which I have've been neglecting lately and may have broken links...

la susana said...

Hi Kristin!

Yes I remember you from SJSU-- I saw your name a lot here and there on Blackboard and maybe on the slis yahoo group that existed for awhile... I even met you at ALA in New Orleans- I think at the resume help area- we were both waiting to have our resumes critiqued. That was a long time ago, so maybe you don't remember. I'll check out your website and buddy request too! I'll be updating my blog soon- thanks for reading!

kristin yiotis said...

New Orleans was 2006 right?
Yes, I know I was there and I remember meeting 2 women at Resume sign up. One may have been you! Though I have impression they were from S.F.
How do you like your new job and where were you living before coming down here?

la susana said...

Yes, you're right! that was 2006. I was in New Orleans in 2005 as well, visiting while doing an internship at the public library in Athens, GA...Yes, I am from SF. I moved to Sacramento in April for work. I'll save the rest for an upcoming post on my "wanderings"!)